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Lamb dysentery in all cases is caused by type B. The causative agents of enterotoxemia in sheep are types C and D. In anaerobic enterotoxemia of pigs, type C is more often isolated. Enterotoxemia in cattle is caused by different types of this pathogen, including, according to some reports, type A.

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The causative agent in the body of a susceptible animal, as a rule, penetrates through the alimentary route, usually with feed and water, but in some cases, especially in newborn calves and piglets, the manifestation of the disease is also possible in the form of an endogenous infection that develops as a result of violations of feeding and keeping conditions.

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In such cases, the pathogen present in the gastrointestinal tract of the animal finds favorable conditions for active reproduction and toxin formation.

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In the etiopathogenesis of omeprazole enterotoxemia, not only the penetration of the pathogen into the body of a susceptible animal is essential, but also the presence in the intestine of conditions conducive to its development and toxin formation.

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In the absence of such conditions, the pathogen does not develop and is not capable of Omeprazole pills disease. Conditions favorable for the active reproduction of the pathogen arise as a result of a violation of the established ecological balance between the animal's body and the microorganisms living in its gastrointestinal tract.

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In the gastrointestinal tract of animals, complex enzymatic processes of endogenous and bacterial origin occur, providing digestionfeed to a state digestible for the body. When digestion is disturbed, deamination processes are dominated by decarboxylation processes, leading to incomplete protein cleavage and alkalization of the medium. Under these conditions, due to the deficiency of amino acids, the acidifying environment of the autochthonous intestinal flora does not develop.

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Conversely, an alkaline environment and the presence of incompletely decomposed proteins cause intensive reproduction of clostridia, which are the primary consumers of large protein molecules available to them due to the power of their enzyme system.

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In the pathogenesis of anaerobic enterotoxemia, the main role is played by exotoxins produced by pathogens in the intestines of affected animals. They consist of more than 12 components that are found in different combinations in different pathogens.

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According to the biological properties, all components of toxins are enzymes or substances close to them that have a specific effect on the organs and tissues of the body. As a result, in the development of pathological processes, features characteristic of each type of pathogen are noted.

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